Pipeline Demag

Rapid Response to an Emergency Call

Industrial Degauss technician using a DC Gaussmeter to measure magnetic field strength on a pipe, ensuring accurate demagnetization for welding.

We are always ready to help. A 12″ diameter, 2″ thick P91 steam pipe that was magneizted turned into a multiple day delay and disrupted the outage.    We received an emergency call at 4pm and we were on-site and ready to work less than 24 hours later. Once on-site, Industrial Degauss was able to quickly … Read more

20″ Highly Magnetized Pipe

A large pipe with a wrench stuck in it due to pipeline magnetizing issues.

A customer recently ran a smart pig on a 20” pipe and it became highly magnetized. The IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer will remove the magnetism, eliminate arc blow and allow welders to continue welding!  

600 gauss down to less than 1!

Industrial Degauss gaussmeter

IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer being used on a magnetized line in Eastern Texas. Went from almost 600 gauss down to less than 1 gauss!