Degauss of Steam Line in NYC Power Plant

After receiving a call late on a Friday afternoon, Industrial Degauss made arrangements to go to a power plant in NYC demagnetize a magnetized 24″ pipe used as a steam line. The customer knew that having a degaussed pipe is crucial to avoiding magnetism related welding delays. Within a short time of being on-site, the pipe was demagnetized with the IDMAG system to levels well lower than API standards.

The open ends of the pipes to be measured with a gaussmeter.

The initial magnetic survey revealed levels higher than API standards for pipe welding so degaussing was necessary.

The pipe ends were wrapped and the IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer was used to degauss the pipe.

The values after the degauss with the IDMAG system show magnetism levels well below the API standards and ready for welding.