the IDMAG System

The IDMAG System is a demagnetizer that was specifially built to be powerful, portable and dependable.

It features an easy to use inferface, a protective case that is water, dust and crush resistant, a durable and flexible degauss cable and a digital gaussmeter for simple and accurate measurements.

Weighing in at under 100 lbs, the IDMAG System can be trasported anywhere. It only uses single phase 120V-250V power but can output greater demag capabilities than a 300 amp welder.

IDMAG System - Pipeline Demagnetizer
IDMAG System used as a Pipeline Demagnetizer


Oil & Gas Pipelines

Oil & Gas pipelines become magnetized through the use of MFL Smart Pigs. The IDMAG System can be used a pipeline demagnetizer on any diameter pipe, large or small.

Steam Pipelines

Steam lines typically feature high chrome content piping and are located in close proximity to power generating units. These pipes require TIG roots which is very sensitive to magnetism and arc blow is a real problem. The IDMAG System is used to remove the magnetism and allow welding to proceed.

Demagnetize Impeller

Rotating Machinery

Rotating Machinery can become magnetized during service or during repairs and machining. Magnetized components can introduce dirt into lube oil systems and they can cause false vibration and proximity probe readings leading to downtime. Demagnetizing components with the IDMAG System is easy and effective.

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