IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer - built tough for industrial environments.

Quick Deployment, Effective Results, Easy to Operate.

IDMAG System - Pipeline Demagnetizer

IDMAG Power Box:

Designed for tough environments, the Power Box features a protective case that is water resistant, dust resistant and crush resistant when closed.  The Power Inlet and Receptacle are also crush resistant and feature IP67 and IP54 ratings.   

The protection does not stop when the Power Box is opened.  All switches are sealed to restrict water and dirt intrusion.  The faceplate and mounting hardware use o-rings to keep the unit water and dust resistant.  

The Power Box uses a 120-240V 50/60Hz Single phase input which is available on almost all power distribution panels and portable generators.  The controls are simple and user intuitive.  Only 3 buttons are used to control the demag output.  This allows the user to quickly demag the pipe and begin welding without delay.

Features & Benefits:

Portable and Lightweight

Water Resistant

Dust Resistant

Crush Resistant

Sealed Switches

Simple Interface

Single Phase, 50/60hz operation


Degauss Cable:

Designed with industrial welding applications in mind, the Degauss cable has been made to be durable and functional.  

The cable has a CPE jacket featuring a temperature rating of 90 degrees Celsius.  The jacket is sunlight, weather, abrasion and chemical resistant.  The cable.  Unlike PVC jackets, CPE jackets are flexible in cold climates and are flame-retardant - an important consideration around cutting, grinding and welding sites.   

The connectors used on the Degauss cable have roots in the Military market.  They are a reliable connector that can supply high current power and can survive the harshest environments.  

Features & Benefits:

SOOW Industrial Cable

Flexible and Portable

Designed for Welding Applications

CPE Flame-Retardant Jacket

Rugged Aluminum Shelled Connectors

High Shock and Vibration Resistance

IP67 Protection


IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer