Pipeline Degaussing Equipment by Industrial Degauss

Magnetized pipes can often result in arc blow, porosity, and various welding challenges. Many have tried different ways like changing polarity, tweaking welding leads, or manual methods to solve this issue. But often, these methods don’t work well and just lead to more waiting.

Enter the IDMAG system – our definitive answer to these challenges. Not only is it the optimal tool for the task, but we also prioritize your needs by offering overnight degaussing services. With the IDMAG system, achieve seamless welding in no time.

Welcome to hassle-free welding!

The IDMAG System

At Industrial Degauss, we use the IDMAG System. It’s designed to demagnetize your pipelines effectively. The IDMAG System is our main degaussing equipment, known for being reliable and, easy to move around.

This tool is simple to use as It comes with a tough case that keeps out water and dust and can handle being crushed. With a flexible, long-lasting cable and a digital interface, it can measure magnetic fields accurately and easily.

Weighing in at under 100 lbs., the IDMAG System can be transported anywhere. It only uses single phase 120V-250V power but can output greater demag capabilities than a 300 amp welder. This is only the beginning of what the IDMAG System can do. Want to learn more or see the process in action? Contact us today to set up an appointment!  


IDMAG System - Pipeline Demagnetizer
IDMAG System used as a Pipeline Demagnetizer


Oil & Gas Pipelines

Oil & Gas pipelines become magnetized through the use of MFL Smart Pigs. The IDMAG System from Industrial Degauss is a pipeline demagnetizer and can be used on any diameter pipe, large or small.

Steam Pipelines

Steam lines typically feature high chrome content piping and are located in close proximity to power generating units. These pipes require TIG roots which is very sensitive to magnetism and arc blow is a real problem. The IDMAG System is used to remove the magnetism and allow welding to proceed.

Demagnetize Impeller

Rotating Machinery

Rotating Machinery can become magnetized during service or during repairs and machining. Magnetized components can introduce dirt into lube oil systems and they can cause false vibration and proximity probe readings leading to downtime. Demagnetizing rotor components with the IDMAG System is easy and effective.

Industrial Degauss is one of the industries in America that plays a vital role in the country’s Oil and Gas industry. When it comes to the pipelines, there is nothing more important than having the right equipment. In order for your project to be completed, we have degaussing equipment which makes sure that important pipeline projects can proceed without the nuisance of magnetism. We can even remove magnets from your water and steam pipes, so you can proceed to your welding project without delay.

A shot of the IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer at work on the Rockies Express Pipeline in Colorado. Our system is built for tough environments, features quick deployment with effective results, and is easy to operate.

If you need equipment demagnetized, Industrial Degauss is ready to help. Stop stressing over magnetized equipment and potential wear concerns. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers complete demagnetization, so you don’t have to worry about the many potential issues caused by magnetized equipment. At Industrial Degauss, we ensure that your project can avoid costly setbacks due to the common problem of magnetism.

If you are you in need of consulting or looking for a project estimate, contact Industrial Degauss. Degaussing equipment that is portable, dependable and easy to use is just a call or email away.