20″ Magnetized pipeline needs Demagnetizing

no magnet

A 20″ pipeline in the northeast is magnetized to levels around 300 gauss. The cut easily holds a welding rod. The welders have enough work to do, so going through the effor to demag the pipe with welding leads does not fit into the schedule. The operator and contractors on site used the IDMAG Pipeline … Read more


no magnet

“Please use PO XXXXXX-XX for the rental of (1) of the Miracle machines. We are going to have it onsite Just Incase we get Magnetized weld joints.” This is an email from a returning customer who we helped last year during a valve swap. They had tried wrapping their leads, equipment the NDT company had, … Read more


Industrial Degauss team at New York's Polletti Power Plant during a successful demagnetization project in 2021

We recently helped a customer who ran into a magnetized header at a power plant in Florida. Our IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer was used to remove the magnetism and allowed welding to be done and the project to move along. Anytime your welders run into a magnetized pipe, give us a call and we will help! … Read more

unable to weld on a Magnetic chrome pipe

Industrial Degauss team at New York's Polletti Power Plant during a successful demagnetization project in 2021

Industrial Degauss received a call early in the morning from a customer who had trouble getting any welding done over the night shift. In a couple hours, we were on site. It took 20 minutes to get the IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer set up and dialed in and the welders were welding! It’s not worth your … Read more

Degauss of Steam Line in NYC Power Plant

Industrial Degauss team at New York's Polletti Power Plant during a successful demagnetization project in 2021

After receiving a call late on a Friday afternoon, Industrial Degauss made arrangements to go to a power plant in NYC demagnetize a magnetized 24″ pipe used as a steam line. The customer knew that having a degaussed pipe is crucial to avoiding magnetism related welding delays. Within a short time of being on-site, the … Read more

Rapid Response to an Emergency Call

Industrial Degauss technician using a DC Gaussmeter to measure magnetic field strength on a pipe, ensuring accurate demagnetization for welding.

We are always ready to help. A 12″ diameter, 2″ thick P91 steam pipe that was magneizted turned into a multiple day delay and disrupted the outage.    We received an emergency call at 4pm and we were on-site and ready to work less than 24 hours later. Once on-site, Industrial Degauss was able to quickly … Read more

Magnetized pipes are good for decorating, bad for welding

Collection of tools magnetically attached to a pipe, highlighting the challenges of magnetized pipelines that Industrial Degauss can resolve.

Magnetized pipes are good for decorating, but bad for welding!  Our IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer is easier to use and more effective than using welding leads. Get your welders the right tool for the job. Happy Holidays from all of us at Industrial Degauss.

P22 Steam Line in Philadelphia

Close-up view of the IDMAG System equipment by Industrial Degauss, showcasing its user-friendly interface and digital gaussmeter for accurate demagnetization measurement in field operations

After receiving an urgent call, Industrial Degauss quickly mobilized and headed to a Philadelphia power plant to demagnetize a magnetic P22 Steam Line. Within 30 minutes of being on-site, the pipe was demagnetized with the IDMAG system and the client was able to weld without any further delay.