Magnetized pipes are good for decorating, bad for welding

Magnetized Pipe Deocrations

Magnetized pipes are good for decorating, but bad for welding!  Our IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer is easier to use and more effective than using welding leads. Get your welders the right tool for the job. Happy Holidays from all of us at Industrial Degauss.

P22 Steam Line in Philadelphia

After receiving an urgent call, Industrial Degauss quickly mobilized and headed to a Philadelphia power plant to demagnetize a magnetic P22 Steam Line. Within 30 minutes of being on-site, the pipe was demagnetized with the IDMAG system and the client was able to weld without any further delay.

20″ Highly Magnetized Pipe

Degaussing Service

A customer recently ran a smart pig on a 20” pipe and it became highly magnetized. The IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer will remove the magnetism, eliminate arc blow and allow welders to continue welding!  

Missouri: IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer on a 10” steam line

IDMAG System

The job required a 10″ tee to be replaced on a line known to be magnetized from a past job. Industrial Degauss was called in to handle the demag portion of the job. The IDMAG demagnetizer is portable and can be carried by hand to the location of the weld. No cranes, no long runs … Read more

600 gauss down to less than 1!

Industrial Degauss gaussmeter

IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer being used on a magnetized line in Eastern Texas. Went from almost 600 gauss down to less than 1 gauss!

NYC: 20″ diameter, 3″ wall thickness

We received an emergency phone call on a Saturday morning from a contractor in New York City. They had already lost hours trying to weld a magnetized pipe, P22 20” diameter with a 3” wall thickness, in a power plant that provides electricity and steam to lower Manhattan. We quickly responded by mobilizing immediately and … Read more