Magnetized Pipe

Magnetized pipe causes arc blow, porosity and other issues during welding.   If you ask around you will hear many different methods – reverse the polarity of the leads, wrap an odd number of welding leads around the pipe, use an AC welder, strike it with a sledgehammer, lay the pipe East-West…   none of them will … Read more

Demag of 42″ Pipeline

A valve was being installed on a 42″ pipeline.  The line had been pigged in the past and the contractor knew that the pipe was going to be heavily magnetized and would need to be demagnetized prior to welding.  Using a welder and wrapping the welding leads would not be enough to demag this pipe. … Read more

Pipeline degauss, demagnetize & demag terminology explained.

Depending on who you talk to about the issues with magnetized pipeline, they all seem to use different terms.   Degauss, demagnetize, demag are a few that you hear thrown around.   Do they mean the same thing? For most purposes – YES – they all mean the same thing. “Degauss” means:  to remove unwanted magnetism from … Read more

Magnetized pipeline in Pennsylvania power plant

  A 20″ diameter, Schedule 140 steam line header was severely magnetized, hitting around 140 to 170 on the gaussmeter.   The magnetism was causing arc blow and the inability to weld.   The IDMAG System was used to demagnetize the pipe and allow welding to proceed without delay. :end  

Steam Line Degauss in Iowa

Magnetized pipe was known to exist from prior outages.  The customer requested the equipment prior to the start of the project consisting of 10″ and 18″ diameter steam lines.   The IDMAG pipeline demagnetizer was sent to the site to remove the magnetism. “Got the equipment.  Wrapped the valve, and it worked!”