Magnetic Degaussing Services

Through our experience in the field, our team has found that welding inefficiency and frustration can be attributed directly to magnetization. Dealing with defects and occasional arc blow can slow down a welding team, but  through demagnetization, project efficiency can be improved.

Likewise, rotating equipment often picks up residual magnetism from the earth’s magnetic field, and this can contribute to accelerated wear of moving parts. In other cases, metals are magnetized when exposed to electrical currents, and this can reduce longevity of the component. The degaussing specialists at Industrial Degauss eliminates early-wear concerns, and ensures that the component continues to perform for years to come.

When discussing magnetized pipeline issues, you might come across various terms such as “degauss”, “demagnetize”, and “demag. Wondering if they all mean the same thing? For the most part, yes!

What Is Magnetic Degaussing?

Degaussing refers to the removal of unwanted magnetism from an object or neutralizing its magnetic field. It derives its name from the gauss, a unit measuring magnetism, named in honor of the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss.

On the other hand, demagnetizing this means to strip an object of its magnetic properties. It’s often colloquially shortened to “demag”

Regardless of the terminology used, Industrial Degauss possesses the expertise, equipment, and dedicated team to degauss, demagnetize, or demag your pipeline!

Industrial Degauss’s degaussing service has you covered with 24/7 Availability, Rapid Response Times and Effective Solutions.

Magnetic Degaussing Services

Welding Assistance – demagnetize pipes, valves, fittings, etc. Industrial Degauss can eliminate arc blow and welding defects.

Rotating Machinery – demagnetize rotors, turbines, bearings, etc. to reduce bearing wear, help with alignment and reduce probe errors and runout.

There are often magnetism-related issues in the pipeline and power generation industry, and these can be difficult to deal with.

As a degaussing solution Industrial Degauss provides the people – the equipment, and the know-how to eliminate these issues. We are ready to discuss your application.


Experience and Knowledge

Our degaussing service is backed by years of experience from a variety of jobs, which allows us to work quickly and efficiently to find a solution.


Our IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer has been proven to be powerful, effective and dependable.


Available twenty-four hours a day, by phone and email

When you ask us a question, we pride ourselves on answering it promptly and efficiently.

Emergency response is often available within just 24 hours for the vast majority of situations.


If you’re ready to learn more about Industrial Degauss and how our demagnetization services can contribute to your company, give us a call. We’ll develop a custom solution to rid your project of magnetization and keep your project running smoothly.

Industrial Degauss was founded to solve the common problem of magnetized pipes.When you hire our team of experts, we will bring the right equipment for the job. Whether you need our advanced IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer or the demagnetization of other metals, you can count on our team to increase efficiency and improve component longevity through our degaussing services.