Industrial Degauss has you covered with 24/7 Availability, Rapid Response Times and Effective Solutions.

Welding Assistance – demagnetize pipes, valves, fittings, etc to eliminate arc blow and weld defects.

Rotating Machinery – demagnetize rotors, turbines, bearings, etc to reduce bearing wear, help with alignment and reduce probe errors and runout.

Magnetism related issues are common in the pipeline and power generation industry. 

Industrial Degauss has the people, the equipment and the know-how to eliminate these issues. We stand ready to discuss your application.

Experience and Knowledge

Years of experience from a variety of jobs allows us to work quickly and efficiently to find a solution.


Our IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer has been proven to be powerful, effective and dependable.


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Emergency services available with sub 24-hour response time for most situations.